Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Holiday Card Exchange

For this holiday season, I was so excited to be able to participate in a holiday card exchange that was arranged by Cathy Weber via Waltzingmouse Stamps Forum.

It was the first time I participated and hope that it continues to be a yearly tradition.  It's so much fun to make a card and send it to someone you may or may not know to make new connections, friends, pen-pals, etc.

The card I received was from Renee Lynch. I love the colors and the fancy borders on this card.  Plus the extra special bling on the holly.  Renee also included some bling in the card and it was an extra surprise to find!  Thanks Renee!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and may 2013 bring you many fine memories! 

It was decided that we would take pictures of the cards we made and sent to our designated recipient in the event that they weren't able to upload an image.

I created a special greeting for  Joyce M in Cardiff, CA.  The snowman on this card was created without his hat as I didn't think he'd be that cold in CA.  I hope that Myrna had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!  Below is the card I created.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!

I was hoping the pictures came out better, but you can still get the drift (LOL)!


  1. Hi Karen!!! Nice to see your blog. I posted the adorable snowman card you sent me. I really love it. You are so lucky to get a card from Renee. She is so sweet, and her cards are like works of art. Happy New Year, and stay crafty and warm!

  2. What a lovely card from Renee! I just love the lanterns in that set - so pretty with the holly.

    and your snowman card is just adorable Karen with his buttons and scarf - and the pretty stamped snowfall around him!

  3. Renee's card is beautiful - I love that checkered border and the pretty lantern. Your's is the sweetest with that snowman and the snowy trees - so much texture and adorable to look at!

  4. Both cards are just fab! Love the snowman card you made with the pretty snowflakes on it! And the lantern card is just so elegant!

  5. It made it!!
    I always worry when I send something off...
    but so happy you received it! :)
    And what an utterly adorable snowman you created...
    a cozy winter scene...
    I love him!
    And since Joyce doesn't see a lot of snow in CA...
    I know she enjoyed it too...
    gives such a warm cozy feeling...
    and the idea of snow!
    Here's to a wonderful 2013! :)

  6. Renee's card is just so beautiful, that lantern on the black gingham paper is so fun. Your card is so festive and fun, a snowman without a hat, love it!